Optimising the design and operation of local energy communities

Local energy communities (LECs) offer a decentralised and bottom-up approach to producing, managing and using energy. They are set to play a significant role in the energy transition, integrating multi-energy carriers such as renewables, transport, thermal, H2 storage and biomass.

The EU-funded eNeuron project will set out a practical and evidenced-based framework for optimising the design and operation of local energy communities acting as energy hubs. It will draw on pioneering software and hardware solutions and develop new use cases so that LECs are able to rise to the challenge of widespread roll-out.

Once refined, this new LEC framework will be put to the test at four pilot schemes: a city and its major energy nodes (Bydgozecz, Poland), a football stadium and its vicinity (Skagerak, Norway), a naval district with its own distribution grid (Lisbon, Portugal), and a university campus across several sites (Ancona, Italy).

eNeuron is led by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and the University of Cyprus. Project partners come from Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Spain.