Optimising the design and operation of local energy communities based on multi-carrier energy systems

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Contributing to the energy transition

A local energy community (LEC) is a set of energy users who have decided to make common choices about how to meet their energy needs.

Users seek to maximise the benefits of this collegial bottom-up approach by drawing on a range of electricity and heat technologies, on energy storage and on optimised management of energy flows.

LECs are a key component in the transition towards green, decarbonised power from local and renewable sources.

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Energy communities with many moving parts

Despite their many benefits, LECs can be complex and conflicting in their design and operation.

Business models, infrastructure and divergent objectives among community members all need to be addressed, balanced and managed.

Sound design, planning and optimisation will therefore be crucial if LECs are to play the role expected of them in efforts to decarbonise society.

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A practical evidence-based LEC framework

The EU-funded eNeuron project will set out a practical framework for optimising the design and operation of local energy communities acting as energy hubs.

We will develop and apply pioneering software and hardware solutions, putting them to the test in real energy communities and introducing new governance models.

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