eNeuron first webinar: contributing to the energy transition – recording of the session

Integrated local energy communities - 23 May 2023

Held on March 22nd, 2023, this first webinar aimed to present preliminary outcomes of eNeuron project by fostering open discussion and brainstorming on the opportunities offered by the integrated local energy communities. In the link, you will find the recording of the webinar, including the presentation of the panelists and the polls presented to the audience, which represented food for thought for future webinars. More info on the upcoming events will be launched soon so... stay tuned!

eNeuron first webinar: contributing in energy transition – Full report

webinar report - 18 May 2023

Development of Energy Communities in Europe

Biomass - 21 Feb 2023

eNeuron partners are always active in promoting energy communities (ECs) and disseminating perspectives related to the future development of such communities in Europe. SINTEF, ENEA, and TU/e published an analysis showing how the future ECs in Europe will focus on utilizing local renewable energy sources (sun, wind, run of river, biogas, biomass), for covering all or part of the energy consumption for end-user customers. The analysis focuses on the ECs as sustainable alternatives to large power plants based on fossil fuels and links their implementation to the emerging regulatory development in EU with the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package. Published in: 2022 18th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM) DOI: 10.1109/EEM54602.2022.9921054

Technologies enabling evolution of Integrated Local Energy Communities

Europe - 21 Feb 2023

Integrated local multi-energy systems are recognized as a promising bottom-up alternative to achieve the ambitious energy and climate goals set by the European Commission for 2030. The nature of integrated multi-energy systems presumes a very complex interaction of different aspects from various energy sectors, which historically functioned more or less independently. Therefore, configuration and development of an integrated local energy system under the energy community concept is an extremely demanding task, requiring a sound interdisciplinary knowledge base. The present study shares results from an activity in H2020 project eNeuron aiming to cover this gap, by introducing the Integrated Local Energy Community definition and providing a deep-dive review of multiple factors influencing the future development of these emerging systems, reviewing the three levels: political priorities, technical overview and limitations plus barriers. Published in: 2022 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) 2022 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) | 978-1-6654-8561-6/22/$31.00 ©2022 IEEE | DOI: 10.1109/ISC255366.2022.9922568