Optimising local energy communities on the path to self-sufficiency

Info pack - 06 May 2024

This info pack delves into the policy framework of the local energy communities and gives more information on the implementation in the four pilots.

eNeuron Toolbox – video

Video - 06 May 2024

Watch the English video to learn more about the eNeuron toolbox for the efficient energy management of Local Energy Communities. Subtitles are available in several languages.

Optimal design and operation of an energy hub in LECs – a methodology

Deliverable - 16 Apr 2024

The first part of this report presents the eNeuron toolbox concept diagram with a detailed description of the different phases in the Energy Hub (EH) and micro–Energy Hub (mEH) levels. The second part of the report reflects on long-term optimisation objectives based on use cases, while the third describes the activities undertaken by project Task Forces. The final part of the document presents an overview of a feedback loop between the long and short-term optimisation problems to complete the overall methodology development.


Design of Scenarios for eNeuron toolbox simulations

Deliverable - 14 Dec 2023

In the framework of the validation of energy hub solutions, several technology components have been modelled for their use in future simulations, including distributed generation units, energy storage systems, and flexibility components from all energy carriers to design hybrid models of the energy hubs. In the present report, a set of scenarios for simulation has been defined to cover a wide spectrum of energy carriers and locations in future simulations. These scenarios envision their implementation in the medium term, and their definition will allow a precise simulation prior to its real implementation within the project. Some of the scenarios are grounded on the four pilots of the eNeuron project, and its possible implementation within the project time frame. Others are more general, intending to provide a wider vision of technologies not restricted to pilots’ characteristics.