Design of Scenarios for eNeuron toolbox simulations

Deliverable - 14 Dec 2023

In the framework of the validation of energy hub solutions, several technology components have been modelled for their use in future simulations, including distributed generation units, energy storage systems, and flexibility components from all energy carriers to design hybrid models of the energy hubs. In the present report, a set of scenarios for simulation has been defined to cover a wide spectrum of energy carriers and locations in future simulations. These scenarios envision their implementation in the medium term, and their definition will allow a precise simulation prior to its real implementation within the project. Some of the scenarios are grounded on the four pilots of the eNeuron project, and its possible implementation within the project time frame. Others are more general, intending to provide a wider vision of technologies not restricted to pilots’ characteristics.

Report on Communication & Dissemination Activities including impact analysis (first version)

Deliverable - 14 Dec 2023

This report provides an overview of these activities performed up to July 2022, along with their impact and details of the materials and channels used, and the results obtained. Much of the document is dedicated to the monitoring strategy of ICONS and to provide some initial data especially regarding the social activity and the release of eNeuron publications. Since its inception in November 2020, the project has sought to share its insights and developments by way of communication and dissemination activities. The monitoring activity is a continuous process that allows ICONS to improve the dissemination and communication activities

The outcome of end-user engagement and social impacts assessment (first version)

Deliverable - 14 Dec 2023

This report describes the eNeuron engagement framework and the engagement process carried out by the four pilots. It also presents the social evaluation framework, including a set of KPIs defined to assess the social dimension of the project’s intervention. The eNeuron engagement framework foresees three main types of target stakeholders: indirect beneficiaries, users of the eNeuron toolbox and other stakeholders. The current report describes the first phase of the engagement plan (M18- M24) and the outcomes of the process.

The Outcome of Technical, Regulatory, Environmental and Economic Impacts Assessment (First Version)

Deliverable - 14 Dec 2023

This document focuses on explaining the methodology for the eNeuron solutions’ impact assessment from four dimensions: technical, regulatory, environmental and economic. In the technical dimension, the methodology followed for the key performance indicators (KPIs) identification as well as the description and formulation of the preliminary KPI list is exposed. Moreover, in the regulatory dimension, the steps followed for the recognition of regulatory limitations and overcoming strategies are defined. In the environmental dimension, the Life-cycle analysis (LCA) methodology based on the main guidelines of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) and ISO standard is described. Likewise, the economic dimension bases its methodology on both a Life-cycle Cost (LCC) and Life-cycle Cost Benefit (LCCB) analysis. Additionally, a sensitivity analysis of the main economic parameters complements the assessment due to the variety of technologies and factors involved in the project.