eNeuron and BRIDGE Initiative: Dr. Christina Papadimitriou has been appointed Chairwoman of the BRIDGE Business Models Working Group  

eNeuron is pleased to announce that Dr Ing. Christina Papadimitriou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Technical Coordinator of eNeuron, is the newly appointed Chairwoman of the Business Models Working Group of the BRIDGE initiative of the EU.

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative enabling cooperation within about 90 projects that are at the core of smart energy systems, all of them playing a pivotal role in enhancing the clean energy transition to reach the European Green Deal’s climate targets.

eNeuron has been selected to join BRIDGE initiative since its kick-off in November 2021 and has project partners in each of the initiative’s four active working groups:

  • ENEA is a partner in Consumer and Citizen Engagement,
  • IREC is collaborating is Data Management WP,
  • UMP is involved in Regulation WP and
  • TU/e, with Dr. Christina Papadimitriou, is a partner, and now the Chair of the Working Group on Business Models.

The Working Group’s main overarching objective is to define common language and frameworks around business model description and valuation and to identify and evaluate existing and new or innovative business models from the project demonstrations or use cases.

Having said that, this year, the work of the Business Models Working Group will focus on two topics, under which three tasks were developed:

  • Design of tools to evaluate the benefit of the services and solutions
    Task 1: Investigate the tools to capture business ideas and build BM (e.g. BM canvass, radar etc).
    Task 2: Quantification methods for BM benefits of services and solutions under various UC scenarios
  • Design of BM to better include data value chain observability
    Task 3: The goal of the questions related to Task 3 is to identify methods, processes, models, or approaches to the identification and assessment of what data is valuable and exploitable, in the various stages of the project life cycle.

The activities aim to engage all projects in BRIDGE under this Working Group to leverage their insights and good practices through interactive sections and questionnaires.

The WG plans next events with external stakeholders as well, to raise awareness and discuss urgent topics.

The workshop and brainstorming session plan is expected to be announced soon and proudly published in the eNeuron News section.

Stay tuned!




More info on the BRIDGE initiative here:

Press release
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