eNeuron at AEIT HVDC International Conference 2023

We are proud to communicate that eNeuron was presented at the AEIT Conference in Rome last April.

AEIT is a cultural association that collects different societies active in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications, and related technologies.
AEIT was formed on 1 January 1897 with the original name of “AEI – Italian Electrical Association” and is one of the oldest and most well-known cultural associations.
AEIT supports science and technology development in electronic, automation, ICT, and telecommunications with a dedicated focus on future trends in related fields.

Starting this year, the AEIT Rome section inaugurates a cycle of events to gather relators from the world of academia, research, institutions, and industry, highly specialized in the field of energy and with the aim to disseminate information on energy transition and the role that smart energy systems can play towards a decarbonized society.

At the event in Rome, Maria Laura Di Somma, from ENEA, eNeuron Coordinator, presented the role of end users and local communities in the energy transition. Community engagement is a critical factor in creating and implementing local energy communities. Effective community engagement can help build trust, identify community needs, encourage adoption, address social barriers, and ensure the long-term sustainability of local energy initiatives.

To support the engagement, eNeuron has precisely the target to support this engagement which goes together with the technological implementation, which is crucial to creating the infrastructure and “energizing” the ecological transition.

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Marialaura Di Somma, ENEA and eNeuron Coordinator
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