eNeuron at EPRI European Workshop Week

EPRI European Workshop Week gathers key stakeholders across the power sector to find paths forwards to meet the key innovation challenges the grid faces on the energy transition to 2050.

Rooted in science and rigor, EPRI collaborates with scientists, engineers, government, and experts from academia and industry to shape and drive technology advancement by pushing the frontier of innovation from concept, pilot, operation to end-of-life.
More than 1,400 leaders and technical experts from the electricity sector, academia, and government help EPRI develop and conduct its research, deliver results, and provide for technology transfer and the application of research findings.
EPRI is partner in the eNeuron project and contributes to the development of the eNeuron technological infrastructure and of the operational tool.
eNeuron has been presented as part of the workshop, in the section reserved for the various European projects implemented at EPRI.

EPRI European Workshop Week has been held in Vienna, Austria, starting from March 14th, 2023.

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