eNeuron shares its ambitions with G20 Energy Transition Working Group

The EU-funded eNeuron project was invited to share its vision for optimised local energy communities at the ETWG meeting last month. For the new project, this marks its first step onto the international stage.

The energy transition relies on many pioneering methods and models, not just one. Into the mix go renewable energy, sustainable mobility, smart grids and local energy communities to name but a few.

All these featured on the agenda of the G20 Energy Transition Working Group meeting held on 22-23 March as part of the G20 Italian Presidency. The focus was on smart and sustainable cities and the need to embrace local contexts and diverse pathways to reaching the G20’s climate goals.

Invited to share its ambitions for optimising both the design and operation of local integrated energy communities, eNeuron’s coordinator, Dr. Marialaura Di Somma from ENEA, briefed the 190 delegates on how the 4-year project will a develop a set of could-based tools to integrate multi-carrier energy systems.

“As eNeuron is in its infancy, this was a great opportunity for us to move onto the international stage. Today, the G20 countries are promoting prosumer-oriented energy solutions, shifting towards customer empowerment and local energy communities,” stated Marialaura Di Somma. “eNeuron perfectly aligns with these concepts and aims to demonstrate how LECs can be sustainable both economically and environmentally, benefiting stakeholders as prosumers, grid operators, technology providers and policy makers.”

The meeting is part of a series of G20 energy and climate discussions, all designed to identify recommendations and guidelines for a coordinated acceleration of the energy transition. eNeuron will continue to liaise with the Energy Transition Working Group as the project unfolds.

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