New energy storage facility by eNeuron boosts renewable energy stability in Bydgoszcz, Poland

In an exciting advancement for our Polish pilot in Bydgoszcz, Enea Operator has successfully integrated an industrial energy storage facility into the low-voltage grid, a significant milestone in ensuring grid stability amidst a growing number of renewable energy sources.

The newly established energy storage facility in Bydgoszcz plays a crucial role in stabilizing power parameters within the energy network, especially in regions with a high concentration of renewable energy sources. Designed with lithium-ion technology, the facility boasts a nominal capacity of no less than 50 kW and a minimum energy storage capacity of 200 kWh.

For a photo gallery of the energy storage facility, please visit this link.

This energy storage facility serves various system services, including power stabilization for renewables, reactive power compensation, and network distortion compensation. Equipped with a two-stage AC/DC/DC converter and a dedicated control algorithm, it optimally charges during renewable energy production hours, subsequently discharging energy during peak demand and nighttime hours, ensuring a continuous energy supply.

The energy storage facility, tailored for this location and incorporating a battery package and BMS system from NRG Project, acts as a vital complement to the distribution network, given the growing number of energy sources. Its primary functions include stabilizing renewable energy power, balancing phase voltages at the connection point to the network, and improving overall network performance.

As part of eNeuron, continuous monitoring and verification of the storage facility’s performance are planned. Parameters such as stabilizing renewable energy, phase voltage symmetry, and network distortion regulation will be closely scrutinized.

Energy storage facilities are a crucial component of the energy transition, accommodating the increasing share of renewable energy sources, environmental protection, and modernizing the evolving energy landscape. These energy storage solutions are essential for Distribution System Operators, responsible for efficiently managing the grid to ensure the reliability and continuity of electricity supply in a changing energy generation landscape.

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Photo credits: fot. Marek Weckwerth for Gazeta Pomorska

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