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The energy transition covers many things and involves many people. A big part of it means reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. That’s the bit everyone knows. But you only need to scratch the surface to see that society is shifting towards a more bottom-up approach to producing and using energy. This is where people, and not just ecologists or grid engineers, all have a role to play.

Local energy communities (LECs) form part of this emerging energy landscape. How do they work? Who do they involve? What technology do they use? And what’s in it for me and you?

Over the past months, we’ve been working on all this at the eNeuron project. For the layperson, some of the answers to the above questions feature on our website in the resource section. For knowledgeable stakeholders who would like to go further, our first reports on LEC policy, regulations and technical solutions will provide you with more indepth insights into the state of play of LECs in Europe today.

These reports are part of the groundwork for scoping LECs. We’re continuing these endeavours at the moment, analysing the players, technology and mechanisms. This will enable us set out the “use cases” at our four pilot sites – a university campus in Italy, a sports complex in Norway, a city district in Poland and a naval base in Portugal. Stay tuned as we gear up to this exciting stage in the project.

This newsletter will enable you to follow the work at the pilot sites. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The eNeuron team

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