Successful review meeting marks milestone at Ancona demosite for eNeuron

eNeuron just reached a significant milestone with the successful review meeting held on September 21-22, 2023, at one of the project's demosites in Ancona, Italy.

The two-day event brought together the project’s consortium and the EC Project Officer to assess the progress made thus far in the project’s implementation. The meeting focused on reviewing the achievements, challenges, and innovations developed within the project.

The Ancona demosite provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing the practical applications of the project’s innovations. The review meeting also focused on charting the course for the project’s last year, with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and replicability.

The successful review meeting at UNIVPM premises in Ancona reaffirmed the project’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions in Europe. It underscored the importance of European Commission funding in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and addressing the energy transition in the years to come.

In the words of Project Coordinator Marialaura Di Somma, ENEA, “The eNeuron consortium provided an outstanding contribution to the achievement of this excellent result. Now it is important to involve external stakeholders in the development process of our toolbox in the final stage of the project!

For more information about the project’s outcomes and results, please visit the Resources section of eNeuron website.

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