What is eNeuron’s toolbox?

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about eNeuron’s toolbox

One of eNeuron’s goals is to design a toolbox in order to better harness and manage energy systems in local multi-carrier systems.

The toolbox contains tools that have been tested in four pilots (Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal) and it helps in:

  • designing and operating entire energy communities;
  • planning potential scenarios for investment;
  • setting up new conversion technologies;
  • optimising operations;
  • predicting parameters and calculating precise operation profiles.

This will not only make energy management easier but, keeping into consideration the environmental and cost goals, it will help make more informed decisions on the policy level. On the individual level instead, it will help improve the efficiency of households by adjusting appliance operations.

The video has subtitles in several languages (English, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese)!

Watch the video here and join our transition to a more decarbonised future!

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