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The energy transition refers to the shift from traditional, fossil fuel-based energy sources to renewable and clean energy sources. This transformation has significant impacts on society, and at eNeuron, we are contributing to this effort by working towards the optimal design and operation of local energy communities and testing microgrid solutions.

The project is now in its final phase: solutions will be implemented and demonstrated in their pilots in these next few months.

If you missed eNeuron's last webinar, watch it to find out the use cases and the development of preliminary business models tailored for optimizing local energy communities. Do not miss the journalistic articles to delve into the world of energy communities and its challenges!

eNeuron has been presented and disseminated at many events during the past months, and preliminary results are being shared in many scientific publications.

We will soon launch our next webinars to gather many stakeholders from the sector and discuss the project’s plans to optimize business models, planning, and optimization of infrastructures to facilitate the transition towards a decarbonized society. 

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Latest news
Read the first eNeuron's info pack
Read the first eNeuron's info pack
Read the first info pack about local energy communities on the path to self-sufficiency
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Read the scientific publications
Read the scientific publications
Find out the latest three scientific papers published within eNeuron project. Delve into the innovative toolbox for the optimal design of integrated local energy communities
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New energy storage facility in Bydgoszcz, Poland
New energy storage facility in Bydgoszcz, Poland
In the Polish pilot project in Bydgoszcz, Enea Operator has successfully integrated an industrial energy storage facility into the low-voltage grid
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Keep up with our webinars

The first webinar introduces the eNeuron project's goals and challenges. Stakeholders gather to discuss optimizing business models and infrastructure planning for a decarbonized society.

Watch the first webinar

This second webinar brought together the advisory boards to discuss the progress of the use cases and development of preliminary business models

Watch the second webinar
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